this brand is naughty, bright, and cheerful

Had it not been Russia where this brand was created, it would have been Denmark, Belgium or Sweden. Its founders believe that compared with adults children have a huge advantage: the opportunity to indulge themselves with impunity and behave the way they like! Papa Andrew collections are developed to let them do so, and even to help them in every possible way. But parents sometimes want to be kids again, that is why from time to time this brand creates FAMILY LOOK collections – so you can discover comfortable outfits for children and parents in similar designs. We even plan to start a swimwear line in such format.

Papa Andrew’s garments show no signs of straining: items are colourful, with lots of prints; simple and comfortable designs are combined with modern and creative ones, which other brands yet do not dare to make. When selecting materials the creators are primarily guided by the desire to make comfortable clothes that would not hinder movement and be easy to wash.

Moreover, the brand includes FASHION FASTFOOD - a special line of creative gifts, where customers will find unusual gift ideas for kids in a package resembling the one of their favourite pizza or fresh juice. The presentee will really appreciate such a surprise!

Emphasis is laid upon prints, bright colours and comfortable materials.

CORE ASSORTMENT: everyday kids indoor and outdoor clothing
AGE GROUP: 3 months - 12 years (+ family look collections)
SEASONAL COLLECTIONS: 5-6 themes per year