this baby clothing brand is simple, comfortable, organic and safe even for those with extra-sensitive skin

BeesyBee positions itself as an eco-friendly brand. This also means that it ensures safety for kids wearing these clothes, as brand creators choose only natural highest quality materials which comply with international safety standards. This responsible approach will protect the baby from harmful chemicals and dyes that could cause allergies or irritated skin.

Brand designers appreciate the materials they work with, that is why they are not carried away with excessive decoration or large prints. All the items are simple and elegant, they are absolutely functional and easy to combine, thanks to their neutral soft colours.

It’s not easy for a brand with simple and not loud-coloured designs to go on the market and draw attention to itself, but due to the remarkable quality and incomparable comfort of its products BeesyBee has succeeded. Furthermore, customers in Russia tend to pay more attention to the safety of products they buy for their children. Mothers and fathers are getting into eco-friendly brands, which care about kids’ health and the future of our planet.

The founders choose eco-responsible approach to logistics operations planning to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Emphasis is laid upon natural clothing materials, comfort, purity of lines and safety.

CORE ASSORTMENT: basic casual eco wear for babies
AGE GROUP: 6 months - 4 years